29 Temmuz 2010 Perşembe


1)u can vote to change this system.
three times a day.
2)buy from companies treat
workers, animals and the environment with respect
3)when you go to the supermarket,
choose foods that are in season
buy foods that are organic
know what is in your food
read label
know what you buy
4)the average meal travels 1500 mile from the farm to the supermarket
buy foods that are grown locally
shop at farmers markets
plant a garden
5)cook a meal with your family and eat together
6)everyone has a right to healthy food
make sure your farmers market take food stamps
ask your school board to provide healthy school lunches
the FDA and USDA are supposed to project you and your family
tell congress to enforce food safety standards and re-intraduce kevin's law

if you say grace ask for food that will keep us. and the planet healthy

you can change the world with every bite

hungry for change?